The Real Christ

- DATE -
Sat. December 2nd, 2017
University of Philosophical Research
(Los Feliz Blvd. Los Angeles)
- TIME –
9:30 – 5:00 PM
A 45 minute lunch break - either bring a
bag-lunch or eat at a nearby restaurant.
- COST $35 -
(For room rental)
Limit - 10 people

           If you live in the Los Angeles area and would like to participate
           in discussing the book, The Real Christyou must register with
           Patricia Masters.

Either send a non-refundable check ($35) made out to Pat Masters at:
1101 Prospect Ave. #40
Santa Rosa, Calif, 95409
By Paypal: send to pmasters1140@gmail.com
(Be sure to include your address)

           You will receive directions to the University’s Campus on Los Feliz Blvd.
           in L.A. with a note from Bernadette to help prepare for the discussion.

           Bernadette has asked her long standing friend, Dr. Joseph Conti,
           to moderate this discussion. 


A cradle Catholic, Joe  was inspired as a teen by the writing of Martin Luther King Jr.  The  study of King’s debt to Gandhi’s legacy led to Joe’s first contact with the esoteric literature of India and its yogic approaches to interior transformation.  This began an 18-year immersion in paths of meditative Hindu yoga, the Fourth Way teaching, and the work of J. Krishnamurti.   In the mid-80’s Joe made a happenstance discovery of Bernadette’s The Experience of No-Self,  his first contact with Christian contemplative literature which  decisively re-oriented his view of Christianity.   It became clear that Christianity is not mystical in merely accidental features, but is essentially mystical - Alpha to Omega. 

In the late 80’s Joe completed his graduate studies in Religion at the University of Southern California earning a PhD.  His doctoral dissertation was on elements of Thomas Keating’s exposition of “centering prayer” which was done under the supervision of an eminent scholar of mysticism, Dr. Robert Ellwood.   Initially Joe taught at Colleges in the Midwest,  but  after teaching classes in Philosophy at the University of San Francisco, he settled in Southern California where he currently teaches in the religious departments of Calif. State University at Long Beach and Fullerton.  He also gives classes at the University of Philosophical Research in Los Angeles and is the author of Holistic Christianity: The Vision of Catholic Mysticism (Paragon Press, 2005).    

* * * * * 
Joe hopes you will visit an open, online forum for contemplatives which he has developed, entitled, “Christology Forum: A Forum for Contemplatives considering the Mystery of Christ.

The Christology Room is not focused on the book, The Real Christ, nor is its purpose to “promote” any author's work.  Rather, the Forum simply invites contemplatives to ‘share what they contemplate’ on the limitless Mystery of Christ.

Here it is the link:
“There is much to fathom in Christ,
for he is like an abundant mine with many recesses of treasures,
so that however deep individuals may go
they never reach the end or the bottom....”
—St. John of the Cross