Dear Friend,

"Thank you for your interest in my books and taking the time to visit this site. Please understand that apart from meeting people at the annual retreat I offer, I do not see people individually, talk on the phone, or carry on correspondences. I am not a spiritual director, counselor or teacher—have never had any talent or interest in this area. Apart from this, however, my busy family life would make it impossible to accommodate all the good people who would like to visit, talk or correspond. I recommend, however, that you find some group or persons with whom you can share your contemplative journey. For this, you might inquire at some monastery, retreat center or church. With this note comes a prayer God will send you whatever help, grace or insight you might need at this time."

God Bless!
(Those who are looking for spiritual direction are welcome to contact Brother Bede Healey at Incarnation Monastery, 1369 La Loma Ave, Berkeley, CA. 94708. A Camaldolese monk for 35 years and a Ph.D. in Analytical Psychology, he welcomes all who are seeking a deeper life with God. Either write to him or, as he would prefer, visit him at the monastery.) 
Thanks to Ramesh Balakrishnan for setting up this site, and Pat Masters for managing it. 

(For daily encouragement, visit Pat's blog site, Contemplative Day Book.) 

There are no authorized videos or audio recordings of Bernadette on YouTube or any other site. Videos and audio recordings on these sites are either falsely attributed to her, violations of copyrights, and made available against her wishes. 

YouTube has been informed of this, yet for years they have wrongly linked Bernadette’s name to various speakers on YouTube – which is totally false information.  Posters on other sites have also been notified.