Bernadette’s Retreat
Nine hours of talks on four DVD’S

Although Bernadette no longer offers this retreat – “30 years is enough”, she says – she will continue to offer a retreat to those who have already attended this retreat - or have seen it on video - and would like to get together to discuss her book The Real Christ.   If you would like to join this discussion group, please see RETREATS.

Package includes six sheets of notes Bernadette hands out at this retreat.  

PRICE (includes shipping:)
$150: within the U.S.
$165: for Canada
$175: outside the U.S.

An Overview of the Spiritual Journey in Terms of Consciousness
Three hours of talks on two DVD’S

This talk uses a series of circles to illustrate the journey in terms of consciousness - defined as the whole self-experience and medium of the Divine’s revelation to man. Particular emphasis is given to the journey’s major milestones: first, transcendence of the ego-self and revelation of the True Self in its oneness with God (the Unitive State). Second, the further movement into the marketplace that ultimately ends with the falling away of the True-self and the Unitive State. An overview of this passage reveals how and in what way the ultimate fulfillment of self or consciousness is no-Self or no-Consciousness.

NOTE: The 2 DVD set is temporarily out of stock; I am awaiting new copies but do not have a date for their completion. In the meantime you can order the older single DVD for $20 ($35 for mailing outside the U.S.).This NOTE will be removed when the DVD set is in stock again. Thank you for your patience. 

PRICE (includes shipping:)
$35: within the U.S.
$50: outside the U.S.

Interview with New Dimensions Radio
Recorded 1987 (60 min, Audio CD)

Bernadette was interviewed by Michael Toms of New Dimension Radio in 1987. The interview is now available on CD. It is about 1 hour in length and is a lively discussion between Michael and Bernadette, regarding her own life with God, her writing work and the Christian path.

PRICE (includes shipping):
$12: within the U.S.
$18: outside the U.S.