If you are interested in purchasing the Essence of Christian Mysticism DVD set, it is temporarily* available by contacting Patricia at pmasters1140 at gmail.com. The set of 4 DVDs comprises 9 hours of talks; the cost is $80 which includes shipping within the continental United States. Shipping outside the U.S. can be done, however is significantly more expensive - up to $30 for uninsured shipping.

The Passage Through Self is a single DVD, with a 2.5 hour talk on the spiritual journey, originally known as the Circles Tour. The cost for the DVD is $30 including shipping within the continental U.S. Shipping outside the U.S. is expensive and will cost up to $20, in addition to the cost of the DVD.

To Pay with PayPal, enter pmasters1140 at gmail.com into the Send Money field. PayPal will notify me, and then the  book or booklet will be mailed to you. For shipping within the US, you can mail a check or money order to Pat Masters, 1101 Prospect Avenue #40, Santa Rosa, CA. In either case be sure to include your mailing address.

Bernadette's books are available on Amazon.com, both in paperback and Kindle format. 

(*The DVDs are "temporarily" available because, due to health and old age concerns, I am unsure how much longer I will be able to manage packaging and shipping. At this time I have a limited number available but will not be producing more.)

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