Contemplative: Autobiography of the Early Years
Spiral bound manuscript (2004), 200 pages

An excerpt from the introduction to the book:
"This book is an account of my spiritual journey from birth to seventeen. Since my book The Path to No-Self, begins at age seventeen, the present book covers the earlier years and my initial steps in the contemplative path. The purpose of this writing is both to give this background and give witness to God’s work in a single soul. Since God is at work in every soul, it is up to each of us to give our own account, no one else can do this for us."

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Essays on the Christian Contemplative Journey
Spiral bound manuscript (2007), 179 pages

Essays include:
The Spiritual Journey Recapitulates the History of Religion ○ Cessation of Self  ○  Nonduality ○ Mystical Theology and No-Self ○ Image and Likeness ○ Apatheia ○ Means-End ○ The Ox Herding Pictures ○ The Eucharist, A Christian Path ○ "What is Self?" - a Research Paper ○ Christ as the Definition of "Non-duality"

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Forcing the Fit
Spiral-bound manuscript (2008), 122 pages

Bernadette addresses erroneous interpretations of her work by three authors: A.H. Almaas, James Marion and Jim Arraj. Also included: "A Case of Plagiarism".

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Latest Book by Bernadette  The Real Christ

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